Can not wait

To get back on board the pacific explorer So many great staff from cabin crew to restaurants to entertainment staff we care for you all very much. As soon as we can get back we will!

Frazer KERR

don’t ever give up ….

Can’t wait to have you come back 🥰


Stay Safe – Stay Positive

Thank you for all the hard work you do, even though we have never met, especially with the current epidemic around the world. Unfortunately the cruise industry has had more than its fair share of corona related issues. 2,400 years ago the bible talked about how hard the life of a Mariner was (Psalms 107:23-30) As a captain we can only imagine the added stress of managing a multi-national crew and being responsible for their safety as well. We wanted to reach our and provide some encouragement, a word of comfort and an excellent resource that may help in managing the stormy seas ahead. Did you know, for example, that the Bible talks about the times we are living in right now? But it does more, it provides a positive hope for the future. At Isaiah 33:24 God promises to remove all sickness and disease that we now experience. Imagine no more need for sick…

Greg & Marina


Hang in there, we can’t wait for our fifth Cruise with P&O – stay safe and strong! Val (Patricia) and Graham Fraser. XOXO

Graham & Patricia Fraser

Hugs and Blessing to you all

Wishing you and your families good health during these challenging times. Sending blessings and an air hug till we cruise again!


Heartfelt Loss

When I stand on the beach, I feel a heartfelt loss. Just knowing that that the beautiful white ships are not sailing, creates an emptiness. They are places where people can retreat from their busy lives, or liven up their quiet lives, whatever they go, the ships bring joy to most who sail on them. It made me so cross to hear the media blaming the cruise ships for the virus itself. I particularly felt for the ‘Ruby Princess,’ stuck near Wollongong, not that far from where I live. As it sailed away the staff on board held up signs saying, ‘Thank you Australia,’ and I wondered what for, that beautiful ship was given the brunt the blame. So sorry on behalf of the many other cruise ship lovers. I hope to cruise with you again, as soon as possible! Stay well to all. .

Leonie Worthy

Hang in there

To all the staff on all the ships no matter who you work for, we are all behind you and wish you a safe return home and we will be cruising the oceans again soon, this dreadful virus will not last forever and i look forward to cruising the pacific and islands again.

Terry Cartwright

Take care our P&O family

We miss you already. Stay healthy, we all will be cruising with our P&O family before we all know it. Thinking of all the staff, that have looked after us and kept us well fed and treated us to the best shows over the years. 17 cruises of the best holidays and most fun anyone could enjoy. Stay safe enjoy the time with your family and your cruiseling families will be back. P&O cruising is the best. We can’t get enough.

Gary Bramwell

Cruising is magical!

Just want to wish all staff associated with cruising a very safe time ahead of them in their workplaces. You bring joy and magic to your passengers and give us memories to last our lifetime. Thank you for doing what you do so well.

Sue-Ellen McNamara
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