P&O Captains

Love and support

Sending love and encouragement to all crew members.


thank you

thank you to the captains of the p&o ships you people are so amazing, you drive a very big cruise ship around the ocean’s it feels like your on clouds floating. so thank you everyone i love cruising and i look forward to seeing you again. Hope its this december for the nye cruise.

nicole koopmans

Love Cruising especially with Princess and P&O

You do your job so well, can’t wait to be on board with you soon. Thank you for all the great times on board and the new great times ahead. We fully support and love the wonderful staff and crew that make our cruises so special, that we come back again and again. Stay healthy and strong and we will see you soon. CHEERS

Garry & Jennifer Tomkins

Magic of cruising

As I write this I have tears of the loss we are all feeling in these times. But the joy you have given us over 8 short years and 10 amazing cruises will remain with us forever. The staff are very special people but it takes an exceptional man or woman to Captain a ship..we have the utmost respect for all who sail to bring us the public the beautiful times we have had. We will see you again in a different way but with the greatest joy. Much love to all.. Kia Kaha

Dennis and Carolyn Burman


Dear Captains of Pacific Aria, Dawn & Explorer You have an unsuspected reserve of strength inside that emerges when life puts you to the test. No matter what happens, you are resilient and have everything you need to rise up. You are strong and can do this. You have steered when the storm brews and the waves swell so is the same ability and passion, you will steer your ship through this challenging times. When this come to pass, you will stand tall and stronger with your crew. We wish you all well and hope to see you return safely and happy. I leave you with a quote “If the highest aim of the captain were to preserve his ship, he would keep it in port forever” ….Thomas Aquinas…. Thank you very much for taking good care of the crew. We appreciate and love you all. Safe travels & God bless ! Much love from…

Nina Simmons

Your doing great

I just wanted to say thank you for your awesome cruise trips.. I wish you all the luck .I will see you guys again in the future stay safe

sarah cunningham

To all the Amazing cruise ship captains & staff

Stay safe ,strong , well and keep your families close xxxooo

Amanda Bock

Thank you everyone.

To all Captains. The job you do is incredible, and the responsibility massive. Thank you for looking after the crews of your ships, and providing excellent leadership. We’re all thinking of you.

Dave Hughes

We’ll all get through this!!

Wishing all of you, your families and your colleagues all the very best during these difficult and uncertain times. Just know this, as soon as we are allowed to, we will be back on board, sharing many happy times with you all again! Stay safe 💝

Elaine and Rob Mellor

God Bless you all from Captains to Cleaners

love you all. In prayers tonight.

Nancy McLay
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