P&O Australia

Stay safe and Thank you

Thank you for all my memorable cruises. You the staff always make my cruises the best they can be.. With your kindness., thoughtfulness, great times , laughter and so much more.. I can’t wait to be back aboard any P&O Ship.. Stay safe and look out for one and other.. Many thanks and lots of love Cheryl.

Cheryl Haugen

Bring back cruising

I can’t wait until we can cruise again. Seeing as our Pacific Island cruise that was meant to leave on my birthday 22nd May I’ll definitely be counting down the days until we can go again

Mellissa Skeen

Cant wait for Dec 7th

Thank you P.& O for looking after us on all our 8 cruises and due for our 9Th on Dec 7th to Papua new Guinee. We always feel at home with the happy crew making a fuss of us in every way. We are in our 70s but feel like we are younger as soon as we are on board. Never been on a P.&.O cruise with any health problems i,e, gastro or debilitating illnesses. Good food , entertainment, accomodation, great staff lots of fun Cant wait for Dec 7th. Big Thank you from us to all of you.

Patricia Barker

Hope to be on board again soon

We cruised for the 1st time in oct 2019 to pac isl. every single crew member was amazing! We were suppose to cruise this may to PNG . We hope to be on board again in 2021 to PNG.

Margarita Hoyos

P&O Crew

Can’t wait to see you all again, wish you all the best, stay safe and healthy.

Marcelo Massei

Missing you all

I hope that you are being taken care of. We look forward to catching up with you soon! Lots of love

The Broxham's

can’t wait to cruise

hi i just keep wishing and hoping that i can cruise again, as i love to cruise, i really can’t wait to cruise. i’m hoping it’s this december i have a cruise booked with my mum, we will be on the new ship that is coming into your fleet this october. it’s the nye cruise meant to be going to fiji. my mum has done 9 cruises includeding this december and me it will be my 8th cruise, your crew are super nice to my mum as she is legal blind, she uses a cane to walk around. we love cruising all the best and hope to be saling this december.

nicole koopmans

Dreams of cruising again

We are like all the other people who love cruising with P&O. The staff are wonderful and they make you feel like you want to cruise again and again. We hope that they are all safe and are looking forward to heading back to sea.

Lorraine Bright

Love and Support

To all the staff on all the ships we are sending all our love and support to you and your families. We can not wait to be back on the seas with you enjoying your company and entertainment but in the mean time stay safe and know that you are loved and admired.

Jenni Simpson

Sailing the High Sea’s

We can’t wait to do our trip one booked for November.Hope all the Lines Familes and Themselves are safe Regards Fran

Fran Neeman
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