We are ordinary Australians who are ashamed of the treatment of crew left in stranded cruise ships around Australia's coastline. Our family were due to sail on April 11th 2020.  We have been watching what's been happening and are incredibly disappointed to see the way the cruise industry has been treated.

It's time to show support for these people and this industry, which is worth 5 billion dollars to the Australian economy annually.

It's time for caring and compassion!

Cruise ships floating offshore around Australia are copping a battering from our political leaders.

According to ABC news, more than more than 1000 staff remain onboard the Ruby Princess with limited medical support after the ship became a major source of coronavirus infection and was banished off NSW's coast.

Crew are stranded on these ships. The Department of Home Affairs has refused to budge, ordering all cruise liners to leave Australian waters before June 15 or face up to five years in jail or a $63,000 fine.

Staff left on these ships are now just desperate to get home. We just want to show them that Australians care. Please post your message of support to staff stranded on these vessels who are just desperate to get home. It’s time to show some compassion.

Best wishes,

Dave & Sian

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